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When in Paris..

The Isabel Marant jacket. Love at first sight.
Can't go wrong with that one.

picture via thestreethearts


Oui !

Vogue Paris April ´10


Forever and Always

I love tattoos, especially the small ones.
I got my first one and only when I turned 18 and I moved away from home like 4 months.
The piece on my wrist means independence.
...and now Im thinking about getting a new one.


The beach

Can't wait for summer to come.


A Beautiful Single Man

I went to the movies yesterday to watch "A Single Man"
and I fell in love.
The colors, 60s vibe, everything.

This masterpiece from Tom Ford
is the most beautiful movie Ive ever seen.


The Naked Truth

Every time I see pretty girls with bangs I wanna cut my hair. Ive tried bangs like ten times and the ugly truth is they dont fit me, thats the fact.
the truth hurts. yhh

Have a great weekend loves,
im off to work!


Oh so 90's

I should know how cool it was to dye your hair ends with some crazy colour. I did that in the 90's with my classmate; pink and purple. We were so cool. Apparently this dyeing thing is making a comeback. And it looks surprisingly good. Don't you think?


the Mongolian

Just can't get enough of mongolian fur.
It's just perfect. Can't help it.

picture via jak & jil


"She is every man's idea of the girl he'd like to meet in Paris"