Vogue Turkey
July 2010


La rouge it is

Red is the new black?

Not quite, but it's looking dangerously good. Maybe I'll get something red to my closet for fall.

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Love daria, 
love skinny leather pants.

such a beautiful pic



2 thousand n' k8

YSL campaign ss 2008 

and Kate as the model, of course.


Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

To click or not to click.
Damn this is hard, I can't decide if  I'm going to order these bad boys or not. I know I want them but I totally hate paying the custome fees. If some store in Europe would be selling these I wouldn't have any doubts. Anyway, these would be the perfect shoes for fall. I'm just sayin'.


Free Bird

So I quit my "dream job". It just wasnt for me, not what I expected. 
I dont know what Im gonna do next but honestly this time I dont even care.
Im feeling alive again. Not just breathing. 

Im happy.


Something new

Got these shoes a couple of days ago and i looove them. I got my eyes on them since the day one but haven't got them up till now. I can't wait to play around with them. I'm already craving the black ones too, is something wrong with me?


Summer hotness

Cant get enough of summer.
(..and Im working like 36 hours a week. That sucks. Seriously.)

But next weekend Im off to rock festival and cant wait to wear my new python wellies
with hotpants and dirty hair!

The Biggest love of all.